As this is a FREE component, support is based on time available, however I will always reply to emails within a reasonable amount of time.

I will mention some of the most common questions on this page.

- ALFContact shows some sort of code on top of the form, what's that?
This one took some time, but with some help from users we found out was caused by an incompatibility with Rokbox.
To solve this, go to your Rokbox Plugin and check the core options. Make sure the Backward compatibility is turned OFF. 

Wish List

This is a list of things I'm planning to include in one of the upcoming versions, the list is far from complete or definite and not set in any particular order.

- Making it into a module
- Attachments
- (optional) required fields
- checkbox functionality
- sorting of contact list

For all other questions, use ALFContact to mail me.

If you appreciate the work put into ALFContact, please consider a small donation.

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